Since its inception in 2007 The Walker Firm has focused on championing the rights of people and organizations.  At the Walker Firm we believe clients are our priority and we demonstrate this belief in the delivery of our services no matter the size of the client or the size of the problem.  We provide sophisticated problem solving in an efficient and affordable manner.

The Walker firm operates within four pillars of sustainability; Integrity, Creativity, Passionate Advocacy and Learned Litigation.


Thurgood Marshall exclaimed that “Mere access to the courthouse doors does not by itself assure a proper functioning of the adversary process.” This is no less true today and with our experience we assure the system will work for you.

At The Walker Firm we take pride in fighting for you when no one else will.  We know how important choosing a lawyer is in your time of need and we make you and your case our priority.

Our strategy is built from caring about your case and making you a priority for our firm.  We aren’t afraid of trial and will fight for your rights!

The Walker Firm has served clients against companies large and small fighting for equal rights and equal access.  We take equality and the Constitution seriously.

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