We pride ourselves in zealous and professional advocacy in cases including but not limited to charges of Murder, Aggravated Assault, Possession with Intent to Deliver & DUI.


Equal Access and Equal Treatment under the law is an inalienable right!  We fight when those conspire to usurp your right to equality.


Results matter when you are injured.  We have fought for and settled cases of slip and falls, catastrophic injury, medical malpractice, vehicle accidents and negligence.  We have secured millions of dollars for our clients.


The Walker Firm

We are smart, energetic, innovative litigators who take an analytical approach to solve problems for companies and communities!

Fighting for your rights

"Mere access to the courthouse doors does not by itself assure a proper functioning of the adversary process."  Thurgood Marshall

Far too often the system fails citizens but at The Walker Firm we fight to make sure your grievances are heard and redressed!


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